Day 16 – Fasting and God’s refreshment

Our fasting may be rewarded in the experience not only of spiritual replenishment but also of physical refreshment.

Scripture reading

Isaiah 58

Key passages

Isaiah 58:6,8,11 — “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: …and your healing will quickly appear…and will strengthen your frame.”

Fasting thought

“Of fasting I say this: It is right to fast frequently in order to subdue and control the body. For when the stomach is full, the body does not serve for preaching, for praying, for studying or for doing anything else that is good. Under such circumstances God’s Word cannot remain. But one should not fast with a view to meriting something by it as by a good work.” – Martin Luther


Father in heaven, as I subdue my flesh and control my appetite today, refresh my spirit, replenish my soul, heal my wounds and strengthen my will to carry out your desires. I ask this in the strong name of Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

Take a few moment to journal what God had taught you today.